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Tannenbaum on Leon's Situation

Mike Tannenbaum says the potential for an uncapped 2010 NFL season is the primary reason Leon Washington does not currently have a new deal.

"It really has to do a lot with this being the last capped year and what you can guarantee and not guarantee," said Tannenbaum. "You have to fully guarantee money in the last capped year to have money guaranteed into non-capped years. There’s 30% growth in terms of going from the last capped year to an uncapped year Then there are other issues that come in relative to only being able to guarantee money for a certain number of years out. So the landing spots are pretty small, that’s the bad news. The good news is everyone is dealing with the same set of rules. All contracts will have mechanisms to make it work.

We'll work on getting a translation for our English speaking audience. I'm not about to question Tannenbaum on working the cap after some of the miracles he has worked in the past. He knows what he is doing. It's nice to hear the team seems to consider this a priority and is exploring ways to make it happen. The fact it hasn't happened yet seemed odd.