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Bollinger, Celestin, Wiggins, and Schlegal to UFL

Former Jets Brooks Bollinger, Jermaine Wiggins, and Anthony Schlegal were selected in the UFL Draft by Orlando, and Oliver Celestin went to New York. The UFL is an upstart football league set to debut this year.

I find myself really hoping this league can find a niche and stick around. With the declines of NFL Europe and the Arena Football League, there is no developmental league for under the radar players to improve and audition for NFL clubs in game conditions.

Bollinger has always been a favorite of mine. He came into an impossible situation in 2005 behind a ragtag offensive line and played better than people gave him credit for. He put together a few very nice games against San Diego, Miami, and New Orleans. It looks like he'll get the chance to start for Orlando since he was the only quarterback selected by them.

I still don't understand why this league will not court Brett Favre. It has millions of dollars in venture backing. It could give Favre a chance to fulfill his urge to compete while he dominates a lower level of competition at a lower pressure level. In exchange, the league gets instant buzz and credibility.

Look for the UFL to go hard after Michael Vick for similar reasons.