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Could the Lack of Receiver Depth Be a Blessing?

It's not a stretch to say the Jets lack depth at receiver. It might be the most glaring weakness on the team. The team is going to be included in the discussion for every big name receiver who becomes available from Plaxico Burress to Brandon Marshall to Anquan Boldin to Braylon Edwards. Would it really be the end of the world, though, if they go with what they have?

The strength of the offense is the running game. The team has a power offensive line, an elite three running back rotation, and the game's best fullback, Tony Richardson. It also has an offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, who did not seem intent on using this strength to its full potential a year ago. Instead the Jets used a lot of gadgetry and rode a 39 year old arm. Maybe not having a top end receiver will reinforce how Gang Green should rely on its strength, especially with a rookie under center.

The more complete the team is, the better. Still, those of us concerned with Brian Schottenheimer's unwillingness to lean on the run in the past can take solace in anything that will make him call more handoffs.