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Still Waiting on a Sponsor

The new stadium still does not have a sponsor, and this might make for a long wait.

The Giants and Jets are willing to wait for the right price before selling the naming rights to their new $1.6 billion stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands.

Giants chief executive John Mara said Wednesday the teams have had recent negotiations with several companies and that interest in the naming rights has been renewed despite the economic crisis.

Mara said a deal is not close and emphasized that the two NFL teams would not reach an agreement just to have one in place when the 2010 football season opens.

''I think it is more important to have the right deal, so if it means having to wait beyond the opening of the building, we'll do that,'' Mara said. ''I don't think that will be the case. I think we will have something done before then.

That's good business sense. The biggest motivation can't be getting something done quickly. It has to be getting the most money possible. It is the right move in the long run. As long as the new stadium doesn't have the Giants' name on it, I'll be fine.

Still, you have to wonder how this affects the team's finances. Woody Johnson has not been shy about spending money to bring in big players the last two years. He was counting on selling PSL's and the naming rights to the new stadium to pay. The bad economy has hit hard in these areas. You have to wonder where the team stands now. The team's current situation as a tenant doesn't really lead to financial success.