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Sanchez > Favre

Rich Cimini thinks so:

You're probably tired of Brett Favre and his annual retirement/unretirement soap opera. Heck, even Brett Favre knows you're tired of it, as he explained last night as a studio guest on HBO's "Joe Buck Live." But imagine this: If the Jets weren't able to draft Mark Sanchez, they'd be in the thick of a Favre mess that probably would've raged into training camp.

Without Sanchez, there's no way they would've released Favre from the reserve/retired list. He and GM Mike Tannenbaum have a very good relationship, but it would've been tested because Favre would've begged/demanded his release to clear a path to the Vikings. Playing the what-if game, I'm sure Tannenbaum, acting in the best interests of the Jets, would've refused. One thing would've led to another and ...

Let's just be thankful it didn't go there.

I'm not sure I agree with this analysis. Favre would have had no leverage. In Green Bay, he was a legend. Fans wanted to see him treated well. Brett was not at all popular among Jets fans. The Jets could have told him to go home and had an easier path to prevent a three ring circus.

In any event, Cimini is right that it's nice to not have to deal with it.