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Around the AFC East, Week 4: Buffalo Rumblings

Buffalo has a dynamic duo at receiver, but which one is more important? Brian of Buffalo Rumblings takes my question.

Which receiver will be more important to the Bills' success in 2009, Lee Evans or Terrell Owens? Why? (From John B)

I'm not sure you can fairly place one above the other in terms of what they do on the field.  Trent Edwards is a young quarterback, and he needs as many big-play weapons as he can get.  Evans and Owens need each other; if only one of them is on the field at a time, they're getting double-teamed, and Buffalo's offense will likely remain as stagnant as it ever has.

If you want to talk about off the field, however, it's clearly Owens.  Evans has rarely made a stink in the locker room; Owens is his polar opposite.  If there's one player on Buffalo's roster that could derail a promising season, it's Owens - and the team and its fans have no delusions about that.  So considering that, one might be inclined to say Owens is the make-or-break player at the position.  Until he does anything in Buffalo that warrants concern over his checkered past, however, I will maintain that Buffalo won't improve more than neglibly unless both receivers are on the field.

I have nothing to add. I think Brian captured the situation perfectly. Head over to Buffalo Rumblings to see my take on Mike Tannebaum's run as general manager.