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Around the AFC East, Week 4: The Phinsider

Matty I of The Phinsider talks about the potential for Bill Parcells to return to the sideline for one last run at glory.

A legend retired from coaching runs the front office. A protégé of his leads a young team to surprising success. I am talking about a Miami team but not the Dolphins. A few years ago, Pat Riley threw Stan Van Gundy aside because he saw a chance to coach the Heat to the NBA title. If the Dolphins have a successful 2009 with Chad Henne emerging as a legitimate franchise quarterback, what are the odds Bill Parcells jumps back to the sidelines? Remember, he has said in the past he considers coaching a narcotic. Is it completely insane to believe this scenario could play out and become a distraction? (From John B)

Interesting comparison you make here, John.  But I would be 100% shocked to see Bill Parcells jump back into coaching at this stage in his life.  He loves football and everything.  But I just don’t think he still wants any part of the daily grind that is being an NFL head coach.  After all, when Wayne Huizenga hired him, it was reported that Parcells was first offered the job of general manager.  But he declined because he didn’t want to have to deal with the day to day activities that a GM must deal with.  I’d imagine Bill feels the same way about being a head coach.

If anything, I think it’s more likely Parcells leaves his position with the Dolphins following the 2009 season.  We know he never seems to stick around in one place for very long.  He also might just want to actually retire so he can enjoy some of the other things he’s known to enjoy in his life – things such as baseball and horse racing.  Let’s face it – Bill’s not getting any younger here.  And I would be very surprised if Parcells ever got back into the coaching game – whether it’s in Miami or anywhere else.

While I agree a return seems unlikely, I wouldn't be shocked to see Parcells on a Miami sideline at some point. The man loves coaching. I doubt it would be for more than a year or two, but I could see him coming back to try and catch lightning in a bottle once more and enhance his legacy. Be sure to head over to The Phinsider to check out my take on Rex Ryan's war of words with Channing Crowder.