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Around the AFC East, Week 4: Pats Pulpit

Our weekly divisional roundtable discussion, Around the AFC East is back. Today Dave of Pats Pulpit tackles a question about one of Tom Brady's shiny new targets.

Two years ago, the Pats took a relatively unheralded receiver named Wes Welker and turned him into a household name. Do you think the system and Tom Brady could do something similar for Greg Lewis? How do you think Lewis fits into the offense? (From John B)
I'm really excited about Greg Lewis.  He may be projected as the #4 receiver, but I think he's going to fit quite well in a number of different packages, not to mention special teams.  He's been a very successful kickoff and punt returner, something we need after trading CB Ellis Hobbs to Philadelphia.

Lewis is projected as a slot and underneath receiver much like Wes, but I believe he fits more in the middle, where the linebackers roam.  At six feet, he's three inches taller than Welker and four inches shorter than Moss, a perfect fit for routes that turn "into" the linebackers and defensive backfield.  An interesting tidbit we've found through OTAs is Greg has a very long stride.  Not only could he be productive in the middle, he could provide a long ball threat for Brady in addition to Moss and recently signed FA, Joey Galloway.

Ahh, you gave me a chance to talk about Wes!  He is, hands down, my favorite Patriot and the jersey I wear on gameday.  I don't think it's a stretch to say he's one of the most influential receivers we've had during the Brady era.  He provides a perfect counterbalance to Moss' gazelle like jaunts down the sidelines.  Welker owns underneath and is the Patriots' chain mover.  But you asked about Lewis.
I for one look forward to seeing Lewis transform from a nobody into an uncoverable All Pro once he puts on a Patriots uniform. For more AFC East banter, including my take on the Leon Washington situation, head over to Pats Pulpit.