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Jenkins at End

Kris Jenkins has worked at defensive end during minicamps.

The last time Kris Jenkins played defensive end was 12 years ago in preseason camp as a freshman at the University of Maryland.

"And that was like for a day or two," Jenkins said.

But this week at Jets minicamp, head coach Rex Ryan has occasionally moved Jenkins away from his customary nose tackle position to defensive end. All a matter of experimenting, Ryan said.

Haloti Ngata saw time at end under Ryan in Baltimore. This is going to be a difference between Ryan's defense and Eric Mangini's. In Mangini's scheme, everybody lined up at the same spot every play and was expected to execute. Roles are less defined in Ryan's system. He looks more to create and exploit mismatches. Jenkins will probably get use his overwhelming power to play some right end this season against some of the finesse left tackles the Jets will face.

Under Mangini, Jenkins' primary job was to tie up blockers. When he lines up at end, he will be expected to make impact plays.