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Boldin Still in Play

Drew Rosenhaus is still trying to manipulate an escape route for Anquan Boldin out of Arizona.

If the Jets are still interested, the agent for WR Anquan Boldin says he expects the Cardinals will trade him.

Using a Twitter account, agent Drew Rosenhaus writes: "I still believe Anquan will be traded before training camp. I hope to work together with the Cardinals to resolve this situation by then."

The Giants, Eagles, Titans and Ravens all may be interested also, even though the first three teams each drafted a wide receiver last month.

Word broke the night before the Draft the Cardinals were willing to part with him for a second round pick and other considerations. Many, including your lead writer openly questioned why the Jets would not make such a deal, not seeing the bigger picture, that the Jets were holding onto the pick as ammo to trade up for Mark Sanchez.

It would be surprising to see the Jets go after Boldin. Woody Johnson has shown a willingness to spend, but at some point enough is enough in this economy while the team is struggling to sell the PSL's on which it has been counting. A Rosenhaus client will demand a monster deal.

A trade will also be difficult to pull off. Because of a trade with Philadelphia, the Jets cannot simply give up their 2010 second round pick. They might need to give that for Lito Sheppard depending on the cornerback's play, although Mike Tannenbaum could be creative enough to work something out..