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Brian Toal Impresses

Undrafted free agent Brian Toal of Boston College, a New Jersey product, is still under consideration in Jets rookie minicamp.

Former Boston College linebacker Brian Toal of Wyckoff, a non-roster tryout, participated in both the morning and afternoon practices Saturday.

That was certainly a positive, as three of the 16 players the Jets invited for tryouts weren’t invited back after Friday’s practices.

Toal still faces an uphill climb to be signed by the Jets and make it to voluntary practices later this month.

"You have a financial commitment to the organization when you put money to somebody," coach Rex Ryan said, referring to the undrafted free agents working this weekend. "For somebody who is just trying out, an opportunity-type guy, I would think it would be much harder. But we’ve had those guys [make it] in the past."

Toal is a talented guy. If not for a checked past with injuries, he could have been a first day pick. However, this might not be the place for him. He does not seem big or strong enough to have any lasting success beating blockers as a 3-4 linebacker. He did have some success as a short yardage back at BC so perhaps a move to offense would be his best shot.