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Morning Links-5/27

-Bubba Franks is coming back to make up for last season.

-The world is Mark Sanchez's oyster.

-Jet Nation makes an excellent critique of the mainstream media covering the Jets and some recent examples of less than fair reporting.

-Abe Elam is enjoying Cleveland.

-One of football's best people gives back even more.

-A closer look at sixth round pick Matt Slauson's background

-Kerry Rhodes has been hounded by photographers ever since an alleged rape was reported at his house. Rhodes is not suspected of any wrongdoing in the alleged incident.

-People should really pay attention to the CBA situation. While the Jets should have Leon Washington signed to a new deal before it would even become an issue, it could play a big role in shaping the future of player movement in the league. This article offers a partial outline.

-RealScouts offers questionable cornerback analysis.