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Gary Myers Warns Mark Sanchez

Gary Myers is has advice for Mark Sanchez because of the new quarterback's recent GQ shoot.

Sanchez has to be careful not to get caught up too soon with all the opportunities that are going to come his way. He must show he can handle the distractions. It would be in his best interests to prove he can play before he starts hanging out in the New York clubs and starts showing up in the gossip pages.

So far, he has done a good job earning the respect of his teammates, inviting his receivers to a throwing session that reportedly went a long way with his future supporting cast. Sanchez's lifestyle will make great tabloid fodder, but it will not have much impact one way or the other on his play on the field. No player is focused on the game all hours of the day. It really will not make much of difference whether he enjoys nightlife (as long as he behaves himself) or sits at home watching television.  Myers' point is heeded, but if football is not his top priority, it could just as easily come across in ways that will not generate headlines. It would indicate a problem bigger than a wild lifestyle.

A lot of people look to Tony Romo as a warning sign. Myers even references Romo in this article. That has always seemed a bit silly to me. Are we really to believe Jessica Simpson has been as much of a problem in big games as the respective pass rushes of the Eagles and Giants?