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Around the AFC East, Week 1: The Phinsider

The AFC East writers of SB Nation will be having a roundtable discussion over the course of the offseason. Matty I of The Phinsider answered a question from me regarding his team's quarterback situation.

Every fan base believes its quarterback of the future will be heading to Canton one day (see Jets, New York). We all know Dolphins fans are hoping Chad Henne will be the next Marino. In reality, we all know just as many "can't miss" prospects turn into busts as pros. What are your biggest concerns about him? What leaves doubt in your mind that he will make it as a pro? (from John B)
Well there’s no question that Dolphin fans are very hard to please when it comes to the quarterback position.  We have an almost unreasonably high set of standards thanks to all of those years watching #13 throw.  And like you point out, while every team’s fanbase wants to believe that their young quarterback will be the next great quarterback, they do tend to fail more often than succeed.
So what worries me most?  I’d say that what concerns me most isn’t so much a physical attribute of Henne, but rather just one thing I can’t seem to get past.  Here’s a guy with all of the physical tools you need to be successful as a quarterback.  Yet, he didn’t produce in college at a big time program like Michigan as many thought he would.  He never beat Ohio State.  He was the starting quarterback on the team who lost one of the biggest upsets in NCAA football history when Michigan fell to Appalachian State to open his senior season.  And he never topped his freshman season yardage total of 2,743 yards passing – which coincidentally is when he got to throw to Braylon Edwards and Steve Breaston.
So it’s his lack of great college production despite having the physical tools and the talent around him – like in 2006 when he had Mario Manningham, Adrian Arrington, and Steve Breaston as his top three receivers – that is making me be very careful from simply anointing Henne as our franchise quarterback before he even proves anything in the NFL.

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