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Woodhead Sees Time

Since Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are sitting out OTA's because they want new contracts, it means other guys get more reps than they otherwise might have. Danny Woodhead appears to be one of the primary beneficiaries.

Leon Washington and Thomas Jones were not at practice today either. Both are looking for more compensation from the Jets, which means that Danny Woodhead is getting serious reps from a coach who wants to run the ball this season. Wonder if fullbacks Jehuu Caulcrick and Tony Richardson are farther off the line today as well?

Given the depth at running back, the sentimental favorite from Chadron State needs all the help he can get to make the roster. Any extra chance to make a mark on the coaching staff is a blessing for him. This is certainly an off the radar ripple effect of Jones and Washington staying away. It could make or break the NFL aspirations of college football's all-time leading rusher.