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Jets Interested in Pacman Jones?

You know we are in the dead of the offseason when a rumor like this pops up.

I can't imagine this one being true but with the Jets and their "due diligence,'' you never know. According to a report on AOL Fanhouse, the Jets are quietly showing interest in the posterboy for everything that is wrong in pro sports -- former Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman'' Jones.

Cornerback is one of the few positions on the team where there is plenty of depth with Darrelle Revis, Lito Sheppard, Donald Strickland, and Dwight Lowery in place. There is absolutely no reason to take on a distraction like Jones. He missed 20 of his teams' last 32 games because of suspension. He was arrested four times in a fourteen month span. He was interviewed by police ten times in that span. His behavior has caused two teams to cast him away in the last two years.

He is a talented player to be sure, but this would not be a low cost gamble. A gamble implies there is a way it could work out. Jones has shown there is no chance of him behaving well. A man can only squander so many chances before it becomes evident he is guaranteed to be a problem. Many of his problems have come because he enjoys nightlife. New York offers more places to get in trouble than any place in the world, and Pacman clearly seeks out trouble.

The Jets might explore this in passing, but one can only imagine they will quickly decide this is a poor idea.