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Jason Taylor on the Jets

Jason Taylor is looking for a new team and made it clear he does not want it to be the Jets.

Taylor still can't stomach the idea of playing for the New York Jets.

"It'd be very, very, very difficult. Very difficult," Taylor said while taking a break from a free, two-day football camp for local boys and girls. "But at the end of the day, if you can't find a job anywhere else and the Jets call, I guess you've got to retire or go play."

The six-time Pro Bowler recently said at another Jason Taylor Foundation event he would have a hard time playing for the New England Patriots after so many years hating them, but he also mentioned how flattered he was to read comments from Patriots owner Robert Kraft that they would love to sign Taylor.

"But the Jets are the Jets," Taylor said with a beaming smile. "I've had a lot of history saying bad things about Jets fans. The fireman hat guy [Fireman Ed] and all of the people in New York that are Jets fans are not the ones that are working on Wall Street. I've said all of those things. So I've got to leave it at that."

If not for that past with Jets fans, Taylor would seem like an ideal fit. The team has a void at outside linebacker and needs a pass rush artist. Taylor would come cheap off a down season. A return to the AFC East and Rex Ryan's scheme could revitalize his career. However, given his past antics, this would be an almost impossible sell to a fan base Woody Johnson is trying to pacify into buying PSL's for the new stadium. Given these quotes, it would be tough to imagine how he could honestly say he would want to play for the Jets. He just told the public the Jets are his last choice and he does not like the fans. Would any team believe a guy who publicly states he wants no part of it is going to play with the desire necessary to be effective?

It is just as well. Taylor is an egomanic with no leadership skills who disappears in big games. Championship teams are not built on players like this.