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Morning Links-4/7

-TJB 20 Summit continues on The Jets Blog. Check it out to see what writers covering the team, including me, think about the big issues facing Gang Green.

-Danny Woodhead, the NCAA's all-time rushing leader is looking forward to getting his shot to make an impact.

-A mock Draft roundup.

-The Jets may have not wanted Jay Cutler.

-Boston College linebacker Brian Toal, one of the greatest high school players in the state of New Jersey ever, visited with the Jets. Toal has first day ability but was so injury-prone in college that he will probably be a late round selection. He is probably too small to play linebacker in the 3-4, but he did see action as a power back in short yardage situations at BC. A conversion to fullback in the pros might be the best move for him. Could he be a successor to Tony Richardson?

-Players The Sporting News says should be traded.

-Miami's GM calls out Ted Ginn.