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Morning Links-4/30

-The Jets will be wearing their throwback Titans uniforms three times in 2009 to celebrate the AFL's 50th anniversary. We will also see the throwback white uniforms for the first time. The team is 3-1 in Titans uniforms in the past two seasons.

-Now that Brett Favre is a free agent, expect plenty of speculation he is heading to Minnesota.

-Erik Ainge is back the team after leaving for personal reasons. He comes back to a very different situation. He had a chance to win the starting job before. Now those chances are remote. If the Jets go with a totally untested player, it will be the future of the franchise, Mark Sanchez. Ainge will now have to compete with undrafted free agent Chris Pizzotti of Harvard just to keep a roster spot. His only chance to stay with the team longterm is to develop into a quality backup for Sanchez.

-The Flight Crew will be touring New York.

-Somebody thinks this is a great situation for Mark Sanchez.