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Sanchez Family Values

The official team website has a look at how Mark Sanchez's upbringing has shaped him as a person.

The new Jets quarterback was blessed with a good foundation. You need only to speak with his family for a short time to see that they’re a tight unit.

“That really is an understatement,” said Nick Sr. “I made a comment to Coach [Rex Ryan] and Mr. [Woody] Johnson and made a very similar statement to Coach [Pete] Carroll at SC years ago when they had recruited Mark and Mark had signed a letter of intent there — that they didn’t gain one player, they took on a whole family.”

I was against the pursuit of Jay Cutler because there is more to playing quarterback than stats and having a big arm. To be successful at the position, one needs to be a leader. On the surface, Sanchez's upbringing appears to make him an ideal fit for the team. He seems comfortable with himself but not arrogant, the kind of player to whom his teammates can look up.