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Morning Links-4/29

-The Jets released Brett Favre as per his request. This does not make a whole lot of sense to me. His $13 million cap figure was already off the books. Now he can sign anywhere if he decides to return to the NFL again. There is zero chance the Jets would have taken him back, but they could have at least traded him and received a second day pick. There is the clause in the trade that would have required the Jets to give Green Bay multiple first round picks in return if they traded him to the NFC North. Let's say Favre came back and held the Jets hostage with his hefty cap number, refusing a trade anywhere other than that division. The team could have simply cut him then. Keeping him would not have hurt at all. There is a chance, however remote, the Jets will end up losing out here.

-An argument against signing Plaxico Burress

-A ridiculously early 2010 mock has the Jets trading up for a receiver.

-A class for prospective Flight Crew members is coming up.

-Ellis Hobbs has nice things to say about his former coach.

-Miami released 2007 second rounder John Beck.