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Morning Links-4/28

-The Jets cut punter Reggie Hodges and running back Marcus Mason. Mason led the league in rushing with the Redskins last preseason.

-Mark Sanchez threw out the first pitch at Citi Field last night.

-The receiving corps still has question marks.

-In case you didn't read it yesterday, Peter King's MMQB column offers an interesting story on how Abram Elam turned into a key player.

-A Shonn Greene interview

-Kiper gave the Jets an A-. People like instant analysis, but grades like that are silly. Nobody can say for sure how a Draft will turn out this soon.

-The Jets saw an opportunity with Shonn Greene after the first day.

-The team hopes Mark Sanchez brings in money.

-A look at the team's recent Drafts

-This year's stab at finding the next Antonio Gates