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Morning Links-4/27

-Gary Myers makes sure he is at the front of the line putting ridiculous expectations on Mark Sanchez.

-Myers also thinks the Jets should go after Plaxico Burress. This is not as crazy as it sounds. Despite his obvious issues, Plax was instrumental in Eli Manning's development.

-Sanchez had to go through a painful character building experience in college, falsely accused of sexual assault.

-A look at the picks.

-This could be like the Jets' 2007 Draft. They did not make many picks but came away with a pair of studs in Darrelle Revis and David Harris.

-Trading up to grab Shonn Greene probably indicates Thomas Jones is on borrowed time with the team. Jones may make it through the season, but it would be stunning to see him in green and white in 2010.

-The Jets have begun signing undrafted free agents. I'll try and get something up on them today.

-The Sanchez trade will probably define Mike Tannenbaum's tenure as GM.