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Early Thoughts on Matt Slauson

For the third straight year, the Jets go off the board for an offensive lineman in one of the final two rounds. Hopefully sixth round pick Matt Slauson fares a bit better than Jacob Bender and Nate Garner did. Neither remains on the roster.

The Jets are very thin along the offensive line. Wayne Hunter and Robert Turner are the main backups. Neither inspires much confidence. Slauson started at both tackle positions and right guard at Nebraska. That kind of versatility is good for a backup lineman. He was voted Honorable Mention All Big XII in his senior season. Considering the kind of offenses in that conference, that is worth something. His 6'5" 316 pound frame, quickness, and strength suggest he would work best in a power blocking scheme like the Jets run.

We also know he is not afraid of offering opponents bulletin board material, but Rex Ryan seems like the kind of guy who enjoys trash talk.

It is best to keep expectations low for picks this late. What we know is offensive line coach Bill Callahan, Slauson's former college head coach, must have offered the front office a terrific report on his potential. He will have arguably the game's best line coach try to develop him. If he plays a major role in 2009, the Jets have a problem, but the goal should be to give him a shot to replace Alan Faneca one day. A lot of quality interior linemen go late in the Draft.