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Early Thoughts on Shonn Greene

I absolutely love this pick. Greene in the third round was a steal. He gives the Jets insurance in case the Thomas Jones situation turns ugly. If things work out with Jones, the Jets will have an excellent three back rotation.  This shows a commitment to the power running game. Having this kind of ground attack will take a lot of pressure off Mark Sanchez if he starts as a rookie.

Greene brings something different to the table than T.J. or Leon Washington. He is a pure power runner. Jones is a cutback guy, and Leon Washington is a speed back. He and Leon will compliment each other very well for years to come.

Greene has additional benefits. He only carried the ball 376 times in college. A players odometer is very important at the running back position in terms of longevity. His college coach Kirk Ferentz has an NFL pedigree. This is definitely a plus. NFL coaches in college understand how to prepare their players for the pro game. It manifests itself in various ways. One way is pass blocking. Greene is more refined in that overlooked area than many backs coming out of school.

Some might complain the Jets gave up too much. The team will now end the Draft having made only three picks. In reality, it is quality as much as quantity. Greene by most accounts should have been gone before the third round. The team probably had to move up to land him. Remember two years ago. Gang Green only made four selections in that Draft. Among them were David Harris and Darrelle Revis. That in hindsight was still an excellent Draft. This weekend is about adding good players, not about filling every hole on a roster.