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Potential Trade Partners for Day 2

Once again, Mike Tannenbaum has shown his propensity for Draft Day trades. On the Draft's second day, the Jets still have some holes to fill and need to add depth. The following are a list of potential partners with whom Tannenbaum has worked before.

Cleveland: This is an obvious choice considering the Mangini-Tannenbaum relationship, today's trade, and Mangini's extreme willingness to trade down in this Draft.

Green Bay: Tannenbaum has a solid working relationship with the decision makers in Green Bay. The Jets traded up to land David Harris in the 2007 Draft. In last year's Draft, the teams made a deal that resulted in the Jets landing Dustin Keller and then made another deal in the fourth round. Then there was the Brett Favre deal.

Carolina: Tannenbaum worked with Carolina in 2007 in the trade that allowed the Jets to move up and take Darrelle Revis. A year later, the Jets got Kris Jenkins for their third and fifth round selections.

Miami: The two division rivals would probably not make an impact trade early in the Draft, but the second day could be a different story. Bill Parcells and Mike Tannenbaum have a long history. Parcells was the guy who hired Tannenbaum to work for the Jets over a decade ago. He tried to bring him to Dallas, and the two spoke regularly until Parcells took his new job in Miami.