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Half an Hour to Go

Really we are about forty minutes from the Lions officially picking Matt Stafford and the real fun beginning.

To recap what we know right now:

  • If the Jets want Mark Sanchez, they will have to trade up. If the status quo holds, Washington will take him at 12.
  • There is a rumor the Jets are trying to move up to 2 in a trade with St. Louis as are the Redskins.
  • Any trade would involve pick 17 and a 2010 first rounder as a starting point.
  • Washington does not have a second round pick, and NFL Network says Dan Snyder does not want to part with his first rounder in 2010, which would seem to indicate the Jets could put out a better package. We'll see about that. Snyder also loves impulsive, splashy moves and does not value picks.
  • The Rams are reportedly interested in Sanchez themselves and bought him a plane ticket to St. Louis last night.
  • The Jets and Jaguars reportedly have a deal in place for Gang Green to move up to 8 if Jacksonville is willing to move down, and the Jets are willing to move up when the pick comes.