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Tannenbaum's Past

Since wide receiver and quarterback are considered the two biggest needs on the roster, but do not assume the Jets will automatically take a player at either position in the first two rounds. Mike Tannenbaum's history suggests he bases his moves more on value than position.

He has run three Drafts as general manager of the Jets. 2006 needs to be excluded from any study for a simple reason. The Jets had so many needs that year, just about any pick would have been one of need. In the past two years, the Jets have made four picks in the first two rounds. Three of them, Dustin Keller, Vernon Gholston, and David Harris played positions in which the club was already satisfied with its starters. Although Harris and Keller gained starting jobs during their respective rookie seasons, they began the season on the bench. Tannenbaum believes in taking the best player he can find to create competition, which makes everybody better.

Another thing to note is how the Jets target specific players. In Tannenbaum's three Drafts, the Jets have moved up four times in the first two rounds to get a player. There always seems to be a plan of battle in place. The Jets know exactly whom they want and exactly what they are willing to part with in order to land said player in case another team is targeting him.