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Who Won't Be There at 17

The following is a list of players who figure to be gone by pick 17. In any likelihood, the Jets will have to trade up to land any of them.

Matt Stafford

Mark Sanchez

Aaron Curry

B.J. Raji

Brian Orkapo

Jason Smith

Eugene Monroe

Andre Smith

Michael Crabtree

Jeremy Maclin

Aaron Maybin

Malcolm Jenkins

Stafford is already gone. The Lions already have a contract in place. Trading up in the first round takes a lot. A team should only do it if in dire need of a player at a given position. That elminates the tackles, Monroe and the two Smith's. The same can be said for the corner, Jenkins. It also makes moving up to get Curry, a linebacker unlikely. 3-4 teams can never have too many playmakers at linebacker, but the Jets can find players at the position later who will not cost as much as trading way up would. Taking an edge rusher like Orkapo or Maybin would be viewed as a vote of no confidence for Vernon Gholston. Rex Ryan seems too confident in his abilities to give up on Gholston before getting his hands on him.

Raji would be interesting. It is not easy to find a top flight nose tackle. Although it would be a depth move, having a backup nose tackle to spell Kris Jenkins would be a major boost. It would be tough to see Gang Green going in that direction, however. The consensus seems to be the pick will be for offense.

That leaves Sanchez, Crabtree, and Maclin. Moving up for Maclin would be a bad move. If the Jets can put together a package for him, it means they could put together a similar one to land Crabtree. Crabtree does literally everything better aside from run faster in a straight line. Crabtree might be the best player in the Draft. He would fill a major need and could be the rare receiver ready to contribute right off the bat.

Of course, the most obvious target in any trade up will be Sanchez, not Crabtree. Would the team really sell the ranch and hand the keys to the car to a guy who only made 16 college starts?