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Second Round Pick for Boldin?

ESPN says the Cardinals have substantially lowered their asking price for Anquan Boldin.

The Cardinals were willing to take offers for less than originally thought for Boldin, two sources told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio. Boldin could be had for a second-round pick and other considerations, rather than the first- and third-round pick originally projected, the sources said.

The Cardinals have also fielded calls from the New York Jets and New York Giants, the sources told Paolantonio.

If the Cards have come down that much, a trade needs to happen this instant. The Jets have the advantage over the Giants in any offer. Arizona would most likely rather send its star receiver out of the conference, opposed to a chief competitor in the NFC.

This might come down to Woody Johnson's ability and willingness to spend. Economic times are hard, and the Jets are struggling to sell seats in the new stadium. The owner has already invested heavily in his team over the last two offseasons. Would he be willing to break the bank one more time to give Boldin the kind of deal he wants?  If so, the compensation for Arizona seems more than reasonable to land a legitimate number one target. This would free the Jets for any number of possibilities at 17.