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Rumor: Tannenbaum Looking to Move Up

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN says the Jets may be looking to trade up to number four to land Mark Sanchez.

"We are not fixated on Mark Sanchez," Tannenbaum said of the USC quarterback. But league sources say the Jets are competing with the Washington Redskins for Sanchez. The Redskins, at No. 12, are in a better position to move up to No. 4 to take Sanchez.

"Moving from 17 to four is heavy lifting for the Jets," one general manager said.

The Jets are hoping that Sanchez falls further, perhaps to No. 8. They have already discussed a possible swap with the Jaguars for their pick. The Jets are keeping an eye on other offensive talent in the first round, including Maryland wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey and Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew. Moving up for either player is a distinct possibility for the Jets.

The Jets would have to give up an incredible amount to land that pick from Seattle. The kicker is even those who love Sanchez note his lack of seasoning and feel the best thing for him might be to sit for a year. With this defense and running game, the Jets can win now. None of the quarterbacks on the roster right now have ever gotten a real chance to prove themselves. It is tough to justify giving up multiple picks for a guy with such question marks and who may not help much in 2009. It would be one thing if Sanchez was a slam dunk player like Matt Ryan. This is quite another.

Now if the Jets trade up for Michael Crabtree, a guy who will help in the development of the eventual starting quarterback and fill a need, this would make sense.