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Morning Links-4/24

-Is there any quarterback out there in whom the Jets are not rumored to have interest?

-A listing of which Draft parties current Jets will attend.

-Could the Tony Gonzalez trade make life easier on the Jets?

-Hutch wonders why the Jets cut Chris Baker and says he thinks the team should stay away from Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman.

-If the Jets trade up, it might not be for Mark Sanchez.

-Glauber's mock has Percy Harvin going to the Jets.

-AOL Sports: Water is wet

-Ian O'Connor says the Jets cannot afford to not get Sanchez. To paraphrase Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, a team can always recover from the signing it doesn't make. There will be another quarterback somewhere down the line. It is tougher to recover from making a bad investment. It is also tough to follow why he thinks giving up picks and a big contract for a proven commodity, Anquan Boldin is a bad thing, while doing the same for a wild card, Sanchez would be good.