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Brady Quinn in Play?

An interesting snippet from Erik Boland today:

Rob Rang, in a report on, writes that sources tell him the Browns - yes, those Browns coached by Eric Mangini - are interested in shopping Brady Quinn to the Jets.

"Sources within the league have told me the Browns are actively shopping quarterbacks Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson and wide receiver Braylon Edwards, and will trade at least one based on which rookie player is selected in the first round," Rang wrote. "Some have suggested that if the Browns draft Sanchez, Quinn could be headed to Denver. My sources believe instead that Cleveland will trade Quinn to a team Eric Mangini knows quite well -- the New York Jets. Should the Browns draft Crabtree, the long-rumored Edwards deal to the New York Giants will occur instead."

Got all that?

Notre Dame football has a big following, but what else exactly does Quinn have on anybody on the roster? He is not proven and looked just as uneven as Kellen Clemens did in 2007 in the three games he started for Cleveland last year. He will still be learning the pro game and go through growing pains with whatever team eventually gives him a starting job in 2008. If the Jets are going to give up something to get a quarterback, it needs to be for a proven commodity.