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Will the Jets Pursue Jason Campbell?

Rumor has leaked the Jets may attempt a trade for Jason Campbell with Washington if the Redskins trade up to get Mark Sanchez to replace Campbell as starting quarterback.

NFL Network's Steve Wyche reports that there is "chatter" the Jets would try to swing a trade for Jason Campbell on draft day if the Redskins move up to draft Matthew Stafford.

This is pretty much setting the stage for a potential three-team swap. The Skins are already short on picks and would likely have to dip into their 2010 draft class to move up the board. It could potentially also mean throwing Sanchez into the fire, which sounds foolish after only 16 college starts.

This would definitely be worth exploring. Unlike any potential draftee this weekend, Campbell has already gone through his growing pains and improved every year of his career. This team will be built around defense and ball control in 2009. Efficiency from the quarterback position should be enough to make the Jets competitive. Campbell hit 62.3% of his passes a year ago and protected the football well, throwing only 6 interceptions in 16 starts. In addition, unlike a certain other starting quarterback, Jason has dealt with his name swirling in trade rumors all offseason with complete class and professionalism. He would be a leader in the locker room.

This could end up the best of both worlds for the Jets. The team could get a young quarterback who would provide an immediate upgrade and still keep its early Draft picks. Campbell is still playing under his inexpensive rookie contract so there would be no long term investment if something better came along in the near future or things did not work out.

Of course, if Washington starts making unrealistic franchise quarterback price demands (second round pick or higher) for a player it has been desperate to dump, the Jets should hang up the phone.