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Predraft Roster Ideas

A pair of potential roster moves that are so obvious it is almost infuriating the Jets have not done either.

1. Resign Bubba Franks

Franks was something of a disappointment in 2008, but the Jets only have one tight end on the roster right now. Things are so desperate the team is converting backup defensive lineman Kareem Brown to the position. Brown actually might have the skillset to successfully make the transition, but Franks would be an insurance policy to ease everybody's mind. Bubba is clearly in decline, but he is an NFL caliber tight end who would at least not be a total trainwreck as an in-line blocker. If Brown shows he is making strides in preseason, all the better, but counting on him without a backup plan is a bad idea. Franks would come very cheap. There has not been much demand for him. The team could even cut him before the season if Brown progresses and/or a quality player at the position falls to a Jets pick this weekend.

2. Trade Eric Smith to Cleveland for a second day Draft pick

With all of the new depth in the secondary, Smith probably does not have much of a role in the Jets' plans. He is the fourth safety on the roster behind Kerry Rhodes, Jim Leonhard, and Abram Elam. Eric Mangini has made a hobby of collecting marginal Jets in Cleveland. His offer sheet to Elam indicated a desire to bolster safety depth with a player familiar with his system. While Smith lacks the physicial capabilities to play effectively against the run or the pass, Mangini seemed to love his intellect and instincts. He would surely take Smith. For their part, the Jets would deal a spare part for a pick. Given this team's propensity to trade up in the early rounds, an additional pick constitutes a little bit of extra ammo to land a coveted player on Saturday.