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Jets Sign Mike Kracalik

The Jets have signed backup offensive tackle Mike Kracalik from (brace for the shock) Baltimore.  The team signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2005. His frame is an imposing 6'8" and 340 pounds. He has appeared in four games in three years with the Ravens, mainly on special teams. He also appeared in ten games in NFL Europa in 2006, starting three with the Rhein Fire.

He seems like training camp fodder. He has great size for the position, but so did Adrien Clarke. There is more to playing in the trenches than being big. Still, a lot of linemen produce after sitting for a few years. Maybe Bill Callahan can teach him how to play on the line effectively. One can learn technique, but one cannot learn that kind of size. Rex Ryan must have liked something about him to give him a look.