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Morning Links-4/16

-Rex Ryan gets his first look at the team.

-The NFL dropped the ball and hurt Jewish Jets fans. Here's hoping they do somethng to fix it.

-An article on the oddity of the Jets having four straight home openers against New England. On the surface, it would seem like a good thing to get a game against the Pats out of the way as early as possible since that team always gets stronger near the end of the season. However, Gang Green is 0-3 in the three other home openers. Maybe it does not really matter when the home game against the Pats is played. It came on Week 16 for three straight years between 2003 and 2005, and the team lost all three of those.

-Calvin Pace is ready for a new system.'

-Anquan Boldin is on the market. It is clearly worth exploring since he is a 28 year old number one receiver. However, Arizona seems to want a Roy Williams type return. Also factor in the big contract Boldin and Drew Rosenhaus will demand before accepting a new team. The price will probably be too high.

-Does Maurice Jones-Drew's big contract set the parameters for Leon Washington's negotiations? Both are small and speedy backs, but Leon does not have the same kind of bargaining power. Jones-Drew has dwarfed his numbers as a runner. One thing is clear. The closer Leon gets to free agency, the tougher he will be to sign.

-Brett Ratliff and David Clowney were preseason stars a year ago. Now they may have a chance to work together in games that matter.

-Many teams deal with quarterback controversies. The Jets could have a punter controversy on their hands.