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2009 Schedule Released

The NFL has released its 2009 schedule. Find the Jets' schedule by clicking here.

There is sure to be plenty of overanalysis. However, doing so is a waste of time. Things change so quickly in the NFL that nobody knows which teams will be creampuffs and which will be contenders. This is ridiculously anticlimatic. We have known the sixteen opponents since January. Tonight we find out only the order in which the Jets will face them.

A few notes:

  • The Rex Ryan Era opens in Houston.
  • Nobody can doubt the Jets catch a break in their road game against the Bills. Instead of playing a Thursday night primetime game in December at a hostile divisional stadium, the game will be in Toronto, home of one of the flattest crowds in league history during a Bills-Dolphins game last year. Given how tough the annual trek to Orchard Park has been, the Jets owe the schedule maker one.
  • For the fourth straight year, the Jets host the Pats earlier than Week 3. Maybe this time they can actually get a jump on the division lead for once.
  • Thankfully there is only one West Coast trip, which is to Oakland in late October.
  • Gang Green plays on Monday Night Football once, in Miami on October 12. The last Monday tilt in South Florida between the Jets and the Dolphins was the memorable Christmas tilt in 2006.