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Cimini: Austin Pursuit Over

Rich Cimini says the Jets are out of the Miles Austin sweepstakes.

The Jets' courtship of Cowboys WR Miles Austin is "dead," according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

So much for that flirtation.

Evidently, the Jets came to their senses, realizing it would've been crazy to part with a second-round pick -- the compensation that would've been required to land Austin, a restricted free agent.

The price was ultimately the sticking point. One can understand why the Jets would look at Austin. He is young and has intriguing tools, namely great speed on vertical routes. However, there is little justification to give up a second round pick on a player who has not shown much in three years in the league. It would constitute horrendous value.

Kansas City got a starting quarterback and a versatile linebacker for a second rounder in a trade with the Pats last month. New England got the best receiver in football for a fourth rounder two years ago. Would Austin have been worth trying to develop for a small price? The answer is yes. Was it worth parting with a commodity as valuable as a second round pick to try? The answer is no.