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Austin Visits

Miles Austin came to Florham Park yesterday and left without an offer. The Jets, however, are expected to tender Austin a contract proposal.

Restricted free-agent WR Miles Austin met with the Jets on Friday, and the team is expected to put together an offer sheet for him, according to The Star-Ledger. The Jets are looking for some help at receiver after Laveranues Coles signed with the Bengals.

The meeting went well, according to the newspaper, and the Jets have until April 17 to offer Austin a deal, which will give the Cowboys seven days to match it. If Dallas doesn’t match the offer, it will receive a second-round draft pick as compensation.

For some reference on exactly the value of this second round pick, let us consult the NFL Draft chart. While this is by no means the end all of assigning the worth of any given pick, the point system does help to quantify what getting fair value comprises. New York's second round pick at 52 is worth 380 points. For reference, Gang Green sent 67 and 141 to Carolina for Kris Jenkins in 2008. That equals 290.5 points. In other words, New York will give up substantially more to pick up a wild card in Miles than it did a multi-time Pro Bowl tackle.

There are obviously other mitigating factors at play. For example, Carolina did not want Jenkins anymore, and the Jets had to give Kris a huge new deal to complete the trade. Still, should a guy with an average of 6 receptions per season during his career really be worth more than the most valuable player on the team?