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Morning Links-4/1

-Denver has announced it will look to deal Jay Cutler, and the Jets are interested.

-Vaccaro is pro-Cutler.

-Cutler's teammates are tired of him.

-A mock with Hakeem Nicks going to the Jets at 17.

-It may be silly to not hold training camp in a state of the art brand new $75 million facility, but I can't agree that fans will turn on Rex Ryan over it.

-Two men were killed at a condo owned by former Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma. Vilma is not suspected of any wrongdoing.

-The Carson Palmer-Laveranues Coles relationship is still in its honeymoon stage.

-The Pats will take a look at Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee. They drafted Kevin O'Connell a year ago presumably to take Matt Cassel's job as Tom Brady's primary backup. Maybe McGee will provide him with competition.