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Morning Links-3/6

-Serby warns the Jets and Giants about Terrell Owens.

-Cimini makes his own case.

-Thankfully, there is no interest on the Jets' side.

-Miami has no interest either. This is no surprise. Bill Parcells has seen enough of that act. As enjoyable as it would have been to watch him destroy that team, Chad Pennington is too good of a guy to have to put up with that nonsense.

-Greg Buttle approves of Rex Ryan. Eric Mangini had a very frosty relationship with former Jets and drew public criticism from some of them, including Joe Klecko. It is good to see Ryan has more support.

-The Jets have been pursuing a lot of Ravens, but did they really offer Matt Stover a contract over an incumbent who made his last fourteen kicks?

-This article calls the Jets an early offseason winner.

-Torry Holt has asked for his release in St. Louis.

-Coles wanted to be wanted. Remember, a personal visit to his home by Eric Mangini a year ago went a long way towards ending his contract dispute.

-The state of the Jets.

-The Pats upgraded their secondary.