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Jets Interested in Billy Bajema?

The Jets hosted San Francisco tight end Billy Bajema yesterday. The 2005 seventh round pick has spent all four years of his career with the 49ers. The Jets are presumably eyeing him to replace Chris Baker as the blocking tight end. One must really emphasize blocking tight end because it is all Bajema can do. He only has seven receptions in his career and two since 2005. Billy can also long snap. If the team is for some reason dissatisfied with James Dearth and is looking to replace it, targeting him might make some sense but for no other reason.

He is a good blocker and has done nice work in jumbo sets with the 49ers but  not a capable backup. Formations with Bajema would be like the times the Jets lined backup tackles Robert Turner and Wayne at tight end in 2008. It may add an extra blocker, but his lack of receiving skills would negate that. Opposing defenses can move a safety into the box because there will be one less receiver for whom to account. Robert Royal may not have been an ideal option, but he at least has put together 30 catch seasons. Defenses may not view him as a dangerous threat, but they at least are aware of the possibility he could be a target in the passing game.

Bajema seems like a poor man's Kyle Brady if that is at all possible. If the Jets want to play with three tackles, they can use Turner or Hunter at tight end again. Passing on Bajema would be the best move. Even if there are no other options in free agency, they can find a blocking tight end in the late rounds of the Draft who has a higher ceiling as a receiver.