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Lewis Resigns in Baltimore

The Ravens and Ray Lewis agreed to a new three year deal.

The prodigal son has returned to Baltimore.

After failing to find a fortune in other areas of the country, linebacker Ray Lewis, one of Baltimore's all-time favorite sports figures, agreed in principle to a reported three-year, incentive-laden contract worth $22 million with the Ravens.

Now that Lewis can finish his Hall of Fame career in Baltimore, all is right with the world again. OK, that's a stretch, but there will be peace in Baltimore.

It was a long shot from the moment the Jets gave Bart Scott a deal worth $8 million a year, but one must forgive a fan who held out hope Lewis might be so disgruntled with his old team, he would follow Scott and Rex Ryan to New York. The move would have kicked Bart Scott outside to become an edge rusher, given the Jets a lethal Harris-Lewis middle linebacker combo, and probably tied up too much cap space for the Jets to make any impact signings for the next two years.

In the end, Gang Green had to let the Baltimore fans keep at least one player.