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Morning Links-3/4

-Jim Leonhard released a statement on joining the Jets.

-Bob Glauber caught up with Bart Scott's high school coach.

-Chris Baker sounds like a man on a mission to get back at his former team.

-Laveranues Coles visited the Bengals yesterday.

-Is Belichick trying to spite Josh McDaniels for signing his players?

-Would the Giants really take Plaxico Burress back? What he did was stupid, but that offense struggled without him so it would make sense.

-The Dolphins signed Oakland center Jake Grove. The Raiders were one of the few teams early in the year to have even moderate success containing Kris Jenkins.

-The Broncos say they are not trading Jay Cutler. Why would they? Cutler has no leverage, and his best football is probably in front of him. They would never get equal value for a proven 25 year old quarterback.