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Morning Links-3/31

-The Jets have their preseason schedule. It includes a nationally televised game at Baltimore, Rex Ryan's return. This is good news for out to town fans since there is no way to see out of market preseason games live. Sunday Ticket does not cover them, although NFL Network does show them on tape delay.

-Thomas Jones missed more optional workouts. The real worry will start coming when he skips mandatory events because of his contract. Things could get ugly then.

- What ESPN thinks about pick 17.

-Cutler's temper tantrum just cost him $100,000.

-Linebacker analysis from The Cockpit.

-The Pats are looking at Connor Barwin from the University of Cincinnati.

-Jason Taylor isn't ruling out a return to the Dolphins. His problem is that the Dolphins might rule it out. They sent him packing even though he had a very productive season in 2007. Would they take him back after a terrible one?