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Morning Links-3/3

-Gary Myers says the Jets should make a play for Jay Cutler.

-Cimini says chances of Cutler coming to New York are remote.

-Hutch recaps the offseason thus far.

-Former Jet Derrick Ward got a big contract from Tampa Bay.

-Some audio from Scott's press event yesterday.

-This is a really unfair article questioning whether Tom Brady still has the drive because he now has a family. The author talks about how Tiger Woods and Larry Bird always had the same drive. He forgot they are both married with children. Believe it or not, life balance is not a bad thing. It's better to have a stable family to have around when things are rough than going out in the middle of the night like Plaxico Burress.

-After what the Chiefs gave up to land him, Matt Cassel is not competing with anybody for the starting job regardless of what the team or the media says.

-Washington cut old buddy Jason Taylor.

-Miami released Vonnie Holliday.