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Morning Links-3/27

-Kerry Rhodes does not sound like a guy who would be thrilled to call Jay Cutler a teammate.

-Bart Scott hates nitpicky rules.

-The current quarterbacks are saying all the right things, but it is tough to believe they are not affected by the Cutler talk.

-Will Kellen ever get a fair chance?

-The Jets spent $75 million on their new facilities in Florham Park so naturally they will hold training camp elsewhere.

-David Clowney relishes a fresh start. It kind of resembles Jerricho Cotchery's situation three years ago. Herman Edwards did not seem to think Cotchery deserved any time on the field. Once Eric Mangini came, Cotchery had a clean slate and took Justin McCareins' starting job.

-A look at needs of the Jets and Pats.