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Morning Links-3/26

-A quick look at backfield options available in the Draft.

-Even after taking Dustin Keller a year ago,could the Jets go tight end early again this season? It might not be a bad move. The lack of a tight end capable of blocking is one of the most glaring holes on the roster.

-Did Mangini keep Rob Ryan from jumping to the Jets? I'm going with no on that one. Rob knew it was likely his brother would get a head coaching job. If he really wanted to team up with Rex that badly, he could have waited before accepting Cleveland's offer to see where his brother landed. Mangini would have held the seat since he seems to covet the former Raiders coordinator. Things worked out for the best in the end. Rob Ryan employs a Sutton style read and react defense and hates taking chances by blitzing. His defenses were undisciplined in Oakland and finished near the bottom of the league every year except one. He's overrated in my book.

-Jay Greenberg of the Post hearts Cutler.

-The very latest news on Denver's quarterback.

-Every father dreams his daughter might end up on the Flight Crew one day. Here are audition details.

-Woody and Rex are walking against Lupus.

-Plans to mark a historic football anniversary are now public.

-John Fox scoffs at the notion Julius Peppers was almost a Patriot.