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Morning Links-3/24

-Draftologists are split on whom the Jets are taking at 17.

-Despite the vast improvement of the secondary, might Gang Green go corner to further increase depth?

-Woody Johnson attempts to justify forcing employees to take unpaid leave while charging fans tens of thousands of dollars in PSL's at the same time.

-The Jets got no compensatory Draft picks.

-Cimini breaks down what the Cutler contenders have to offer.

-Cutler for his part continues to act like a spoiled five year old. Are we really to have no reservations about a guy this tempermental leading a team in the pressure cooker of New York?

-The Jets went to Rutgers pro day to check out receiver Kenny Britt.

-D'Brickashaw went on a field trip to visit a school.

-Callahan thinks he can make the line even better with a year under his belt.

-The Pats will play T.O. and the Bills Week 1 on Monday Night.

-The similarities between the 2008 Dolphins and 2006 Jets are eerie. It looks like a budding quarterback controversy the next year between Chad Pennington and the second round pick from the year before could be in the works now just as it was with Kellen Clemens.

-T.O. was a no show for Bills voluntary conditioning drills.